What do I need to get started?

A geologic idea and a land position will get the ball rolling. A conversation with the geoscientist performing the interpretation will aid in the bid process.

How long does my 2D line need to be?
The general rule of thumb says that the minimum length needs to be 1.5 to 2.0 times the object depth. So a target zone at 5,000’ dictates a minimum 2D seismic line length of 10,000’.

What is a ballpark cost for my survey?
Keep in mind that every survey is unique, a low cost, low resolution design, could easily locate a large pronounced fault, but prove unsatisfactory for defining small reefs or pinch-out zones. More shots and receivers would be needed to define the more subtle features, hence more cost. Resolution is determined by the shots and receiver density, higher resolution means higher density, higher cost.
Please call to discuss your objectives, and to get a budgetary quote.


Why are your costs cheaper than other companies? Am I getting low quality data?
Our low overhead is driven by our ”more shots and fewer receivers”. The seismographs and geophones are of the highest technical caliber. The XLR8 source produces a strong wide frequency signal. Together they produce unsurpassed geologic images. You only pay for what you need. We are extremely competitive on smaller (1-25 sq. mile) 3D surveys, but lose this advantage on larger jobs. The Seistronix 24 bit floating point system Basin uses produces data that is nearly indistinguishable from data collected by the big crews.

How many channels do you have?
Basin’s core advantage is high quality data for low price. Basin achieves this advantage by shooting surveys with more shot points and fewer receivers. Shot points are cheap; buying, maintaining, and moving extra cables, phones and trucks is not. Over the past decade, Basin has repeatedly proven that the high density shot philosophy works, completing roll and patch type 3D designs up to 25 square miles.

Do you offer processing/permitting/interpretation, etc?
We are strictly a data acquisition company. We believe in doing one thing and doing it well. Basin has established many solid relationships with processors, permitting, and geoscientists, and can provide referrals if required.

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